Background removal and clipping path

You need to remove background, add transparency or change background color?
We know how to do it and it’s a part of our Image Processing services

clipping, photo masks, changing the background and adding shadow

Do you have pictures where you want to change or remove background ?
You want to remove object in picture or just use it in another place?

We Offer preparation of clipping paths for easier selection and manipulation in photos and realistic compositions of several objects from different images.

What we offer:

  • Removing or changing the background of a photos.
  • Professional clipping path (invisible line that separates part of a raster image so that only it can be used for print or subsequent photo manipulations)
  • Realistic photo masks – another way to change the background, use the so-called in Photoshop – layer masks, alpha masks.
  • Add a drop or mirror shadow

These services are especially suitable for preparing photos for the Internet (e-commerce, online shops, catalogs), but also for printed materials (magazines, flyers, brochures …).

Price groups

clipping path. смяна на фон, тифецване

Group 1 – Fast

take up to 15 minutes per photo. Usually objects with straight sides
clipping path, премахване на фон, тифецване

Group 2- Medium

15 to 30 minutes – objects with many angles, more detailed work
clipping path. фото маски, тифецване

Group 3- Difficult

30 to 60 minutes – people and difficult to separate objects.

Group 4- Per hour

Photos that take more than an hour to work.

Discounts: for over 50 photos -5% OFF the price, over 100 photos -10%.

Special Conditions for Online Stores and Websites, Magazines. 

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Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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