Photo editing services

Photo retouching, image processing, enhancing the look of your photos and preparing files for print or Internet.

обработка на снимки, фото ретуш и цветови корекции от Амарт Дизайн

We can prepare your photos for print, websites and online stores

Image processing at reasonable prices

  • Enhancing colors, brightening the images.
  • Remove unnecessary parts, stains and scratches from photos.
  • More contrast in digital photos.
  • Focus on an object in the photo.
  • Recover photos, digitally restore old photos, restore and add missing parts of a photo.
  • Removal of defects in the skin of the face and body, removing the effect “Red eyes”.
  • Professional retouching and photo processing of fashion, product, wedding photography
  • Resize photos
  • Prepare a batch of photos for product catalogs or albums.
  • Changing or removing background photos
  • Adjust and optimize photos for online stores. We will try to get the maximum (color, details, background, size …) from the provided files and adapt them to the needs of your production. If you are in ecommerce business, you already know the importance of having good pictures of your products.
  • Special discounts for regular customers.

Make a your request through our contact page, guide us about the amount of photos, the timing and the nature of the adjustments. Through our contact form, you have the opportunity to send us a test photo to give us direction on the images you want to correct.

You have an online store, real estate agency or you just have a few family photos that you want to be corrected?
It doesn’t matter how many files there are – we can help.
We are located in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, but we can work with clients from all over the world – this is the magic of the internet

Amart Design – Photo retouch and photo correction

…and even more:

  • Fashion retouch.
  • Photoshop processing of photos.
  • Add or remove text from a photo, remove a date, crop a photo.
  • Photo colorization, black and white photography.
  • File format change, object removal.
  • Real Estate Photos.
  • Photos for Facebook, Ebay, Amazon…

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